Whiteville Soccer Team Secures Victory Over West Bladen

Whiteville’s girls’ soccer team demonstrated their prowess on the field with a 2-1 non-conference victory over West Bladen on Friday night. Seniors Kaitlyn Hasty and Emmy Williams were instrumental in securing the win for Whiteville, both scoring goals during the match. Freshman Leslie Pham also contributed to the team’s success with an assist.

Despite a valiant effort from West Bladen, their goal came from junior O’Mara McDonald, who received an assist from junior Jazmy Funez Aranda. McDonald proved to be a strong asset, with two shots on goal. Additionally, sophomore Faith Wren managed to test the Whiteville defense with a shot on goal.

The defensive efforts of West Bladen were commendable, with several players contributing steals. Junior Ashley Sanchez-Resendiz led the way with nine steals, while Runez Aranda recorded eight steals. Junior Anna Campbell and Wren each had seven steals, followed by sophomore Makenna Thurman with six. McDonald and junior Yareth Garcia Perez also contributed with five and four steals, respectively.

In goal, senior Briana Carranza Toledo showcased her skills with two saves for the Lady Knights. However, it was not enough to secure the victory against Whiteville.

This win brings Whiteville’s overall record to 1-6, and they look forward to their upcoming match against Heide Trask on Tuesday. West Bladen, with a record of 1-2, will have a chance to bounce back as they face South Columbus on Monday.

Both teams displayed great determination and skill on the field, creating an exciting and competitive match between Whiteville and West Bladen.

FAQ Section:

1. Q: Who were the key players in Whiteville’s victory over West Bladen?
A: Seniors Kaitlyn Hasty and Emmy Williams scored goals, while freshman Leslie Pham provided an assist.

2. Q: Who scored the goal for West Bladen?
A: Junior O’Mara McDonald scored the goal for West Bladen, assisted by junior Jazmy Funez Aranda.

3. Q: How did sophomore Faith Wren contribute to the match?
A: Faith Wren tested the Whiteville defense with a shot on goal.

4. Q: Who were the defensive standouts for West Bladen?
A: Junior Ashley Sanchez-Resendiz, Runez Aranda, Anna Campbell, and sophomore Makenna Thurman made notable contributions with steals.

5. Q: How many saves did senior Briana Carranza Toledo make for West Bladen?
A: Briana Carranza Toledo made two saves for West Bladen.

6. Q: What is Whiteville’s overall record after this victory?
A: Whiteville’s overall record is now 1-6.

7. Q: Who will Whiteville be playing in their upcoming match?
A: Whiteville will be playing against Heide Trask in their next match.

8. Q: Which team will West Bladen face in their next match?
A: West Bladen will have a match against South Columbus.


1. Non-conference: A game or match played against a team from a different conference or division.

2. Assist: When a player helps in setting up a goal by passing the ball to the goal-scoring teammate.

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